Welcome to my Hobbies and Leisure blog.

Hello! My name is Patrick, and this is my Hobbies and Leisure blog.

I’m a 50-something or over man born and raised in Galway Bay, Ireland.  I’m an Irishman through and through, my favourite hobbies are drinking Guinness, watching Rugby, drinking Ale and playing Rugby,  although I do dabble in a few other hobbies here and there.  I started this blog so that I could share my hobbies with everyone, as well as so I can watch the progress of my hobbies, and be able to look back in a year at where and how my hobbies have changed.

Some of the hobbies I’ve dabbled in over the past few years are stamp collecting, currency collecting, and my favourite leisurely activities include hiking and biking across the beautiful irish countryside.

This year I want to try out a new and exciting hobby each week, and next week I will be telling you all about my first foray into zorbing.  If you have any great ideas for an unusual hobby you want me to try out over the upcoming year, please let me know in the comment section, as I’m sure I will run out of ideas! Anyways, I’m off out to try out Zorbing now.  Toodles!