Trying out Zorbing.

Hey folks, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. I’m Patrick, and I LOVE trying out new hobbies.


This week I tried out Zorbing, and spoiler alert, I’m addicted.  Now I’m sure someone out there reading this blog post is thinking what is a 50-something year old man doing Zorbing.  A year or 2 ago I would’ve been thinking the exact same thing.  I was never really a big fan of trying out new things or having new experiences and I was very content with just living my life with the same routine every week.  All that changed when the kids grew up and left home.  Plenty of women will tell you about empty nest syndrome, but it can affect men too, and the weekend after my youngest boy headed off to university I struggled.  Unsure what to do with me moping around the house the misses signed me up to a boating course, something I’d previously mentioned and lo and behold I fell in love with trying out all the things.


There’s not many places across County Galway to try out Zorbing, and less aimed towards adults rather than younger children.  After much searching I  found a great place to try out Zorbing in Eilemental Activity Park.  Strapped inside a plastic orb, on a downhill course, Zorbing surprised me how much I loved it.  For this time the course I tried was relatively flat, which meant I could control the movement of the orb I was inside, however I think me and my boys are headed down over the Christmas holidays to try out the extreme course, which I’m a tad nervous about.

Have any of you tried out Zorbing, if not do you want to?  Are there any other leisure activities similar to Zorbing I should try out? Let me know! Toodles.