The Most Innovative Arcade Cabinets

Hello and welcome back to Patrick’s(that’s me) hobby and leisure blog. I hope you are all doing well, and that you are enjoying this blog about my favourite hobbies so far. Today I wanted to discuss something a little different, arcade game cabinets. I have never owned an arcade cabinet until last week after seeing an arcade cabinet for sale online that was decently priced, I pulled the trigger and now have it sitting in my entrance hallway and no idea where to put it.

It will be found somewhere, and when I do I want to get some more arcade cabinets, not just any though. I want to get some of the really inventive, innovative cabinets you can get. That’s why I made this list, cheap arcade cabinets I want to find at

Police 911

This is the game that I have spent the most time pushing coins through a slot of. Police 911 is a light gun arcade game made by mega-developer Konami. First released in 200, this game was unlike most light gun games as it used motion sensing technology to allow the player to move around the game, albeit slightly. The player has the ability to duck, lean, crouch or pretty much anything possible while standing on a small yellow square. This allowed for a unique cover ability where the player would take cover by ducking rather than pressing a button like in the Time Crisis series. Speaking of which…

Time Crisis Series

One of the most popular light guns series known world wide is Time Crisis. Time Crisis is an on rail arcade shooter that was also ported to home consoles and included a similar light gun with consoles purchases. Each game can have either one or two players, and the arcade cabinets feature individual television screens for each player. Time Crisis had a fairly unique at the time cover system, requiring players to step down on a button to cover and also reload their weapons, then release the pedal to resume firing. After the first installation, a direct hit warning system was added so that players would know what enemy would it them first.

Time Crisis 4 Co-op Cabinet


It’s always nice to have a relaxing walk around the countryside, but after that you need some excitement sometimes. That is why you hop into afterburner, and do a couple barrel rolls in the sky. Afterburner gives the player control over an f-14 fighter jet, and the player is then tasked with destroying numerous enemy jets through the stages. The coolest part is the display of the cabinet however, as it is set up to resemble to cockpit of a F-14. The player also has their flight controls, as well as miniguns and missiles all accessible from a flight stick.In this version, the seat and the cockpit itselt move and rotate to imitate flying in a jet aircraft. Sega still offers the arcade cabinet for sale, although it is very different from the classic.  Make sure you get a cheap arcade joystick at

afterburner in-game screenshot

Discs of Tron

This is the ultimate in video game arcade cabinets. Released all the way back in 1982, Discs of Tron is still the craziest environmental arcade game there is. Unlike other environmental cabinets, you didn’t even sit down once inside this one. You instead stand up, and lean back into the space behind you. The next thing you notice is the stereo speakers around you, blasting techno music as you spun a circle to control your platforming character. Unfortunately, finding one of these cabinets is very difficult and finding a whole one even more so as many cabinets were sawed in half to make it viable to ship them to smaller arcades.

Discs of Tron Character Select

Sea Wolf II

This is not your typical arcade game in that it is an arcade simulation game. The idea of Sea Wolf II is that you look through a periscope to try and find enemy submarines. You fire these missiles with a thumb button on a joystick, adding to the simulation. There are even lights inside the periscope lens to indicate when you have hit a enemy ship or when you have run out of missiles. Even better, there is a second periscope that allows two players to play at the same time, competing to sink the most ships in a limited amount of time.  


The first time I saw the Paperboy cabinet at my local arcades, I was immediately interested. Not because of the fight, dancers or even the grim reaper himself showing up through the neighborhood but for the controls. It features bicycle handlebars for movement, which had a weird way of reminding you of the first time riding a real bike(probably because of all the failure).

Well, those are the arcade cabinets I really want to add to my collection, collecting these things has become an expensive but very fun hobby. If you liked this, check out my latest post on Zorbing. See you later, merry Christmas.