Bowling tips for beginners

Many people have been on work social events which end up with bowling, some people take it a little further and join, or start a league. It is a great social game, not too exerting, but competitive and fun at the same time. If you are considering taking the game a little more seriously and joining a team, we have some tips for you here that can drastically change your game.

The most important tip for new bowlers is obviously the ball you are using. The best option is to pick the heaviest ball you can, without losing your balance and making sure you can still use a full arm swing without it feeling uncomfortable. Most long term, experience bowlers will tell you to pick a ball that is around 10% of your bodyweight. Use this as a ball park figure, excuse the pun! Using a ball that is 1/10th of your bodyweight may seem really heavy at first but practice with it. As long you can swing, stay in your feet, you will start to feel comfortable with it. The main thing is not losing your balance as a heavy ball landing on your foot is going to hurt. If a ball this heavy, 1/10th of your bodyweight, doesn’t feel right try one slightly lighter. You will eventually find the optimium weight for you and your swing action.

After choosing the best ball for you, beginners should look at the different markings on the lane they are playing. For example, around 3-4 metres down each lane you will see 5 arrows pointing down to the pins at the end of the lane. Try and error is the key here. Try different size swings, meaning faster or slower deliveries, at different arrows and monitor the results. It’s far easier for the human eye to aim at something closer, therefore the arrows instead of the pins themselves are best.  Like I said, this is all down to trial and error, once you have found a successful aim and swing height then try to replicate it.

Lastly, remember the game is meant to be fun. It’s not all about strikes. Failure can also be fun when amongst friends.