Minecraft Marketing Shut Down and What It Means

Minecraft Marketing Shut Down and What It Means

One of the biggest games in the world and possibly one of the more unorthodox marketing tools that has come through in recent years was Minecraft. This is a solution that was introduced to roaring success, and it continues to be one of the biggest games in the world. In the past, companies could use the interior of the game as well as other elements to market their companies, products, services, and more with a “subtle” approach. That has changed, however. Microsoft has introduced an all out ban on companies using this as a marketing tool, leaving many people wondering what they can do to get back into the mix of this giant platform.


What Exactly Changed

The big change came through the developer, Mojang. They claimed that they were going to ensure that corporations weren’t going to be using the game to try and market their own elements within the game, or without the express consent of the producers. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make money with marketing the game, and making money with it. It just means that companies aren’t allowed to use it as a marketing tool within the confines of the game. It’s a tricky situation, but one that you don’t have to panic about if you’re making money or trying to make money with it in another manner.

How To Make Money With Minecraft

The way that a great majority of people making money with Minecraft are doing it is through YouTube and other social video channels. This is a site that lets players upload videos of their games, commentary, and more. When a player uploads their video, they can place advertisements within the content and that brings about revenue. That’s a big deal, and some players were worried about the changes. If you are going to make money with this game, your best bet is to use video and advertising to get through the changeover.

How Can You Legally Use Minecraft Marketing

Here’s the thing, you can pay for advertising within Minecraft videos, and use that to make money. You can also use servers, and content that will host the game to make money. The next thing that you can do is make maps, environments, and much more, assuming that you’re not hired to make these outright as a business model.

This can all seem confusing, but it’s something that many gamers are learning about on a regular basis. If your goal is to make money with this game, you can do so, it is just going to take a little extra work now that other means have been shut down.

How blogger can improve their writing simply by reading

How blogger can improve their writing

How you learn to swim? Right. By swimming! Just jump into the water and there you go. But what to do if there’s no water available? How about some dry runs like push- and pull-ups or a handstand? Every single swimming professional does it – has to do it – in order to improve their skills.


This is exactly the same thing when it comes down to writing. It sounds less surprising, may ridiculous to you, but you improve your writing – yes – by writing. But also for writing there are some common dry practise, to develop and improve your personal style. So here are some advice.

If you don’t have the opportunity to write, or you’re not in the mood, or you simply feel blocked or exhausted, why don’t you just read? How a bout a book, an article, a blog on a topic you’re personally interested in?

While reading, pay attention to the use of metaphors. What metaphors are used and why? How do they describe a common problem or situation? If you like it, remember it, or even better, just write it down.

More important aspects are descriptions. How is the writer describing a specific incident or issue? Which words is he using and why? What impact do these words have on you and your perception of the situation?
Also pay attention to the structure of the sentences. Do you have to read them multiple times? And why? Are they that good or that bad? How about their “flow”?

These are just some simple thoughts on how you can improve your writing dramatically. It is just like the legendary master of horror Stephen King once said:

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

And he’s absolutely right!

Hobbies to Make you Smarter

Hey there people, Patrick here again with another post about hobbies and leisure for my blog. I wanted to get into some hobbies that can help me as an individual, making me stronger or smarter or anything else like that. Thanks to https://www.easyprices.com/ I found some weights, books, and even a ukulele on the cheap side. Now that I am getting into stride for my new sets of hobbies, I thought it would be a good idea to share these with you guys in case any of you are looking for hobbies to make you smarter. These are all things that anyone can do, requiring either very little or no investment to begin for the most part at least. The only things you really need to do these hobbies would be maybe a smartphone, an open mind and access to a thrift shop.

Regular Exercise

Something that most people consider a chore instead of a hobby, working out is a great way to keep your body feeling young and ambitious. But did you know that regular exercise can actually make you smarter? By doing regularly scheduled exercise you pump more and more oxygen to your brain. This allows your brain to process more information. This will help enhance your object recognition memory, which is the ability to recognize and discriminate the familiarity of objects that you have previously encountered. Even sports like bowling can help you stay active.

regular exercising planking

Learn a Musical Instrument

There are few things that are a satisfying as learning how to play a musical instrument. You may be thinking that a musical instrument is not something very cheap and easy to get into, but you would be wrong! The first instrument I go into was a harmonica that I found in a thrift store for under two dollars. Learning how to play and understand music can help by enhancing your cognitive skills by promoting certain functions development. According to a research study underwent by Boston Children’s Hospital in 2014, children who are taught to play an instrument show improved performance for processing speed and verbal fluency

Harmonica Note chart

Learning a New Language

The concept of learning a new language may seem restricted to those travelling but that is not the case. Learning a foreign language slows down brain ageing and can have an overall positive affect on your brain cognition in later-life. Being able to speak multiple languages improves something referred to as executive function ability, which can allow you to perform demanding mental tasks at a much higher rate. Polyglots, or people who can speak multiple languages are also considerably better at solving puzzles and completing task management due to their better attention and task switching capacities in your brain. You can even learn for free, thanks to websites like Duolingo

Duolingo Free language courses

So, those are some of the hobbies I picked up lately to help make me smarter. Like I said at the beginning, these are all simple to get into. They also require very little in terms of money to start doing. You can find outdoor workout areas in most major cities that are free to use, lots of thrift shops will have beginner instruments available for a very low price as long as you don’t care too much what you are playing and lastly, you can find lots of free resources online for learning another language. Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you haven’t already then check out my post on arcade machines.

Bowling tips for beginners

Many people have been on work social events which end up with bowling, some people take it a little further and join, or start a league. It is a great social game, not too exerting, but competitive and fun at the same time. If you are considering taking the game a little more seriously and joining a team, we have some tips for you here that can drastically change your game.

The most important tip for new bowlers is obviously the ball you are using. The best option is to pick the heaviest ball you can, without losing your balance and making sure you can still use a full arm swing without it feeling uncomfortable. Most long term, experience bowlers will tell you to pick a ball that is around 10% of your bodyweight. Use this as a ball park figure, excuse the pun! Using a ball that is 1/10th of your bodyweight may seem really heavy at first but practice with it. As long you can swing, stay in your feet, you will start to feel comfortable with it. The main thing is not losing your balance as a heavy ball landing on your foot is going to hurt. If a ball this heavy, 1/10th of your bodyweight, doesn’t feel right try one slightly lighter. You will eventually find the optimium weight for you and your swing action.

After choosing the best ball for you, beginners should look at the different markings on the lane they are playing. For example, around 3-4 metres down each lane you will see 5 arrows pointing down to the pins at the end of the lane. Try and error is the key here. Try different size swings, meaning faster or slower deliveries, at different arrows and monitor the results. It’s far easier for the human eye to aim at something closer, therefore the arrows instead of the pins themselves are best.  Like I said, this is all down to trial and error, once you have found a successful aim and swing height then try to replicate it.

Lastly, remember the game is meant to be fun. It’s not all about strikes. Failure can also be fun when amongst friends.




The Most Innovative Arcade Cabinets

Hello and welcome back to Patrick’s(that’s me) hobby and leisure blog. I hope you are all doing well, and that you are enjoying this blog about my favourite hobbies so far. Today I wanted to discuss something a little different, arcade game cabinets. I have never owned an arcade cabinet until last week after seeing an arcade cabinet for sale online that was decently priced, I pulled the trigger and now have it sitting in my entrance hallway and no idea where to put it.

It will be found somewhere, and when I do I want to get some more arcade cabinets, not just any though. I want to get some of the really inventive, innovative cabinets you can get. That’s why I made this list, cheap arcade cabinets I want to find at www.cheap.forsale/

Police 911

This is the game that I have spent the most time pushing coins through a slot of. Police 911 is a light gun arcade game made by mega-developer Konami. First released in 200, this game was unlike most light gun games as it used motion sensing technology to allow the player to move around the game, albeit slightly. The player has the ability to duck, lean, crouch or pretty much anything possible while standing on a small yellow square. This allowed for a unique cover ability where the player would take cover by ducking rather than pressing a button like in the Time Crisis series. Speaking of which…

Time Crisis Series

One of the most popular light guns series known world wide is Time Crisis. Time Crisis is an on rail arcade shooter that was also ported to home consoles and included a similar light gun with consoles purchases. Each game can have either one or two players, and the arcade cabinets feature individual television screens for each player. Time Crisis had a fairly unique at the time cover system, requiring players to step down on a button to cover and also reload their weapons, then release the pedal to resume firing. After the first installation, a direct hit warning system was added so that players would know what enemy would it them first.

Time Crisis 4 Co-op Cabinet


It’s always nice to have a relaxing walk around the countryside, but after that you need some excitement sometimes. That is why you hop into afterburner, and do a couple barrel rolls in the sky. Afterburner gives the player control over an f-14 fighter jet, and the player is then tasked with destroying numerous enemy jets through the stages. The coolest part is the display of the cabinet however, as it is set up to resemble to cockpit of a F-14. The player also has their flight controls, as well as miniguns and missiles all accessible from a flight stick.In this version, the seat and the cockpit itselt move and rotate to imitate flying in a jet aircraft. Sega still offers the arcade cabinet for sale, although it is very different from the classic.  Make sure you get a cheap arcade joystick

afterburner in-game screenshot

Discs of Tron

This is the ultimate in video game arcade cabinets. Released all the way back in 1982, Discs of Tron is still the craziest environmental arcade game there is. Unlike other environmental cabinets, you didn’t even sit down once inside this one. You instead stand up, and lean back into the space behind you. The next thing you notice is the stereo speakers around you, blasting techno music as you spun a circle to control your platforming character. Unfortunately, finding one of these cabinets is very difficult and finding a whole one even more so as many cabinets were sawed in half to make it viable to ship them to smaller arcades.

Discs of Tron Character Select

Sea Wolf II

This is not your typical arcade game in that it is an arcade simulation game. The idea of Sea Wolf II is that you look through a periscope to try and find enemy submarines. You fire these missiles with a thumb button on a joystick, adding to the simulation. There are even lights inside the periscope lens to indicate when you have hit a enemy ship or when you have run out of missiles. Even better, there is a second periscope that allows two players to play at the same time, competing to sink the most ships in a limited amount of time.  


The first time I saw the Paperboy cabinet at my local arcades, I was immediately interested. Not because of the fight, dancers or even the grim reaper himself showing up through the neighborhood but for the controls. It features bicycle handlebars for movement, which had a weird way of reminding you of the first time riding a real bike(probably because of all the failure).

Well, those are the arcade cabinets I really want to add to my collection, collecting these things has become an expensive but very fun hobby. If you liked this, check out my latest post on Zorbing. See you later, merry Christmas.

Trying out Zorbing.

Hey folks, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. I’m Patrick, and I LOVE trying out new hobbies.


This week I tried out Zorbing, and spoiler alert, I’m addicted.  Now I’m sure someone out there reading this blog post is thinking what is a 50-something year old man doing Zorbing.  A year or 2 ago I would’ve been thinking the exact same thing.  I was never really a big fan of trying out new things or having new experiences and I was very content with just living my life with the same routine every week.  All that changed when the kids grew up and left home.  Plenty of women will tell you about empty nest syndrome, but it can affect men too, and the weekend after my youngest boy headed off to university I struggled.  Unsure what to do with me moping around the house the misses signed me up to a boating course, something I’d previously mentioned and lo and behold I fell in love with trying out all the things.


There’s not many places across County Galway to try out Zorbing, and less aimed towards adults rather than younger children.  After much searching I  found a great place to try out Zorbing in Eilemental Activity Park.  Strapped inside a plastic orb, on a downhill course, Zorbing surprised me how much I loved it.  For this time the course I tried was relatively flat, which meant I could control the movement of the orb I was inside, however I think me and my boys are headed down over the Christmas holidays to try out the extreme course, which I’m a tad nervous about.

Have any of you tried out Zorbing, if not do you want to?  Are there any other leisure activities similar to Zorbing I should try out? Let me know! Toodles.

Hiking the Irish countryside.

Hello folks, how are we all doing this fine Winter’s day?  Thank you for taking the time to visit my little Hobbies and Leisure blog, I really appreciate every page view at the moment.  Today I wanted to share with you a little bit more about one of my favourite hobbies, hiking, and more specifically hiking in the Irish countryside.

I’d call myself a wee bit of a country boy.  I grew up working on a farm in County Galway and have moved barely 10 kms from where I grew up.  Going on long walks with my parents and our two dogs, Sheppy and Pogo, was a Sunday evening pastime.  We’d walk the dogs through the hills for about 45 before heading back home, where Mum would make dinner.  I’ve kept up this tradition with my family, although me and the wife take it in turns to cook, and now our Sunday walks have become slowly more adventurous, and instead of walking for 1 hour, we’ve taken to walking for up to 5-6 hours a day even.

One of my favourite walks to do is the Lough Coolin Loop, which is just under 16 km, and takes around 3-4 hours depending on how fast you walk.  It’s a moderate walk on country roads, and old bog roads, and goes through parts of the woods.  It loops around Lough Coolin, which is a beautiful little Corrie lake, and you can see remains from an old famine village along the shore.

Lough Coolin

It’s a great walk, with some beautiful and interesting views and the village is great to explore with younger children, me and the wife used to take ours a couple of times a year and they would discover something new each time.

Are there any walks across Ireland you’d recommend for a hiking lover like me?  Let me know.  Thanks for reading, Toodles.

Welcome to my Hobbies and Leisure blog.

Hello! My name is Patrick, and this is my Hobbies and Leisure blog.

I’m a 50-something or over man born and raised in Galway Bay, Ireland.  I’m an Irishman through and through, my favourite hobbies are drinking Guinness, watching Rugby, drinking Ale and playing Rugby,  although I do dabble in a few other hobbies here and there.  I started this blog so that I could share my hobbies with everyone, as well as so I can watch the progress of my hobbies, and be able to look back in a year at where and how my hobbies have changed.

Some of the hobbies I’ve dabbled in over the past few years are stamp collecting, currency collecting, and my favourite leisurely activities include hiking and biking across the beautiful irish countryside.

This year I want to try out a new and exciting hobby each week, and next week I will be telling you all about my first foray into zorbing.  If you have any great ideas for an unusual hobby you want me to try out over the upcoming year, please let me know in the comment section, as I’m sure I will run out of ideas! Anyways, I’m off out to try out Zorbing now.  Toodles!